Monday, June 16, 2014

I decided to make my brother a mounted
dragon head for last Christmas. I love how
it turned out. I haven't made myself one,
but hope to soon. It is made mostly from
cotton fabric and I also used Apoxie sculpt
for the nose horn and eyes. I applied a thin
coat of Golden light molding paste for some
texture. You can't see the scales very well, but
there are about 150 individual scales on the
back, top, and side of  his neck. It took me a few
weeks just to make the scales from cloth
and sew them on one by one. I am going to try
to come up with a different way to make the scales
that isn't so time consuming.

This is the doll that I made for
my doll club Christmas exchange.

These are little pixies that I have been making.
They are about 12" tall.

This is a tree in our yard that is outside my sewing room
window. It reminded me of the trees from the Wizard of Oz.
It just had to have a face so I put one on it.

Last year my doll club had a circus challenge. I had this doll
head in my jar of heads and used it for my doll.


These are more heads I now need to turn into dolls.
I love making heads as you can tell.


  1. Wow! The dragon head is amazing. The work and effort was well worth it and your brother is very lucky. All the pixies are so darn cute. I really love them:)