Wednesday, December 21, 2011

I have been busy making
dolls, but I haven't posted 
anything since spring.
This is a doll that I made for my doll club's Christmas exchange which we did a couple weeks ago. It was very hard for me to give her up, I really bonded with her :) She is a gothic steampunk queen.
 I made a bunch of heads this spring while working on my challenge doll for AFIC. I have been turning the finished heads into dolls since I have no more room in my head jar for them.

To the left is Jellybean. Below is another doll I made from one of the heads.

Here is another doll
In October my doll club had their yearly retreat. This is my finished doll. We used paper clay. It was such a fun project and everyone's turned out wonderful and there were so many different ideas.