Friday, June 7, 2013

I haven't posted in a year, so I have a few new dolls to add. I don't spend much time on my computer since my husband got me my iPad. I use it most of the time in place of my computer, but I haven't figured out if or how to post to my blog on it. I hope to set up an Etsy shop someday and try to sell my dolls. I am running out of space for them in the house.
This is Kenzie, my latest doll. I used a
head from my head jar.

These are two of my newest dragon. I designed the male for my brother's Christmas dragon and made the girl dragon for myself.

 My  doll club has a doll exchange at our Christmas party and this is the doll I made for this past Christmas. We sign up and fill out a questionnaire. Then we are given the questionnaire of the person we are to make the doll for. She likes bones, skeletons and the colors black and white so this is the doll I made for her. I am very pleased with the end result. I already have my exchange name for this year and I have been thinking of what doll to make for her.
This is Rosebud. I found this hot pink yarn at Hobby Lobby and made a wig cap out of it. Then I had to make a doll to use it on. So I used another head from my head jar and Rosebud was born.        
Judy Skeel taught an afternoon class at our doll club last summer She showed us how to make wings and a layered tulle skirt. This is the doll that I used them on. Another head from my head jar made into a doll.                                  

I went to AFICC this spring and this is the doll that I made in Christine Shively-Benjamin's "Rainbow of Chaos" class.  I also took a class from Dawn Shiller, "Eggcentric" and I love how he turned out. He makes me smile everytime I look at him. He is made from Sculpy and has a crack in his head, so I gave him hair to cover it up. 
Here are two clock dolls that I made. I hope to make a pattern for the orange clock doll in the future.
This is the tree that I made for the DollStreet Wizard of Oz display for AFICC
This is morning feeding time at our house. 5 of our 6 cats eat canned food every morning. Mickey doesn't like canned food so he skips breakfast.
Here is my son, Randy with a fish he caught.
And lastly, here are 2 pictures of my daughter Tammy at St. Patrick and Christmas time that will hopefully leave you with a smile.