Sunday, March 20, 2011

The on-line doll club that I belong to, "Dollstreet", is having a steampunk challenge at AFIC here in Columbus, OH next month. Judy Skeel is hosting it. I had no idea what steampunk was, so I googled it and found the discription and a lot of fashion ideas. I told Judy to add me to the list and I began my doll. I can't make pretty dolls and told her mine would be a more whimiscal steampunk. I got her finished last night, except for the aviator goggles, which I may not do. I am still trying to figure out a way to make them. I have a few ideas but I might just leave her as she is. I had a lot of fun making her.
My next project is to try and get a few of my designs into saleable pattern to try and sell at AFIC.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

I finished my doll for the AFIC challenge. She turned out much different than what I had invisioned, but I am happy with how she turned out . I haven't named her yet. I made a lot of different heads and this is the one I used for this doll. I hope to use the other heads for future dolls  They are all different and  I already have ideas for some of them. I am working on a steampunk doll for the Dollstreet challenge for AFIC and hope I can use one of the heads for her. The body and clothing are finished and I just have a few more things to add and then I will see which head looks best on her. I will post a picture when she is finished.