Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Pin cushions

My doll club is having a pin cushion exchange in Febuary and I have been working on mine
the last few weeks. So far I have 6 finished and more in progress. Here are the ones I have
ready to exchange.

I have a large jar of heads in my sewing room,
on top of my cabinet. It is so much fun to look at.
When I make a new doll, I always make 2 to 4 heads and then pick which one I want to use on that doll. The extra heads get put into the head jar. Sometimes a head "calls" out to me and I get it from the jar and turn it into a doll. I used heads from the jar for 4 of the pin cushions. The other 2 have sculpy faces.

I was in a store before Christmas and saw a round glass
ornament that had an animal face on the front and legs
on the side and bottom. That was my inspiration for the
pin cushion shown on the left. It took me 4 attempts to
get the round cloth shape body I wanted. Her face is sculpy.

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